Co-owners Kayl and Ravelin are old friends with even older secrets. They keep a tight lid on things but assure the fine denizens of the Free Trade Zone of a few things:


“To those who claim we use dragon claw to produce the powerful effects of this blend, we promise that’s pure nonsense.”


“To the hoi oligoi with refined palettes, we admit that the FTZ Blend flavor profile bears an uncanny resemblance to beans grown and harvested in Bombe, Sidama, a place known in the land of Ethiopia for its rich vegetation and climate. This sister coffee is produced by local farmers and processed at the Qonqana washing station, named for a river that passes through the area. The local producers are committed to environmentally friendly processing, composting, and wastewater treatment. That’s the closest approximation we’re able to offer, but it’s one hell of an approximation.”


“To the rumors that we use mugwort and suspension spells, we’ll repeat again: they’re just rumors. So behave and enjoy, you goddamn heathens.”

The Management